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Product Description

  • 3,500kg - 5,000kg capacity
  • Outdoor use
  • Famous Toyota quality, reliability & comfort
  • Concrete, Bitumen, Compacted gravel, Paved
  • LIFTS 5,000 KG
  • UP TO 7,000 mm
  • AISLE WIDTH 4,480 mm
  • 【Productivity】
  • Toyota engines - tough, reliable and environmentally friendly
  • Load-sensing power steering adjust the amount of power-steering fluid according to the load burden on the rear axle, reducing energy loss
  • 2-stator torque convertor and transmission used to achieve optimal drive power and travel speed with no gear change helping to reduce fuel consumption
  • Choice of a NEW high-torque Toyota 1FS gas engine or an advanced, efficient 14Z-II diesel engine
  • Optional ECO-mode feature restricts acceleration for travelling and load handling further helping to improve fuel efficiency
  • Optional engine auto-stop feature automatically stops the engine if the operator sets the parking brake but forgets to turn the engine off
  • Optional travel speed control feature limits the maximum speed to a preset level
  • Centralised Hydraulic Power System (CHPS) controls tilt, lift, attachment, steering and brake functions
  • Rugged planetary drive axle
  • Durable mast assembly design handles heavy-duty loads; unit also accommodates a variety of attachments.
  • 【Safety】
  • Toyota exclusive "System Of Active Stability" SAS monitors key forklift operations, detecting and counteracting instability to help reduce the risk of tip-overs.
  • When it senses instability, the Active Control Rear Stabiliser locks the rear axle to help reduce lateral tip-overs.
  • Active Mast Function Controller senses and reacts to instability by limiting mast angle and speed according to the load's height and weight.
  • The Operator Presence Sensing (OPS) system helps to prevent accidental movement of the forklift and forks when the operator is not seated at the controls. The OPS system senses if the operator is properly seated and at the controls by means of the seat switch. When the operator is properly seated at the controls the seat switch will go "on".
  • If the operator is not seated at the controls the seat switch will turn "off", and the OPS system will disable the ability to lower the forks, or tilt forward or back along with all the other loading and unloading movements.
  • 【Performance】
  • Compact forklift body, low overall height and small turning circle boosts performance
  • Strategically configured console
  • Full hydrostatic power steering with steering synchroniser
  • Memory-tilt steering wheel
  • Spacious work environment with generous headroom and leg room.
  • 【Comfort / Ergonomics】
  • Ultra-comfortable 4-way adjustable Operator Restraint Suspension (ORS) seat
  • Rear-pillar assist grip with horn button supports the driving position and offers easy horn operation while travelling in reverse.
  • Easy entry and exit on and off forklift with large assist grip and low and wide step
  • Roomy operator's compartment makes for comfortable foklift use during operation.
  • 【Ease of Use】
  • Excellent upwards visibility and excellent fork-tip visibility
  • Integrated monitoring system includes hourmeter; water temperature and fuel gauges; clogged air cleaner, oil pressure and charge warning lights.
  • Easy-lift hood.
  • No-tool floorboard removal.
  • RadialSeal high-flow 2-stage air cleaner.
  • Swing-down LPG tank bracket.
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